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closed canopy organic gardening is food forest prep

[removed] Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski shows off what he calls "closed canopy gardening" – the idea is to reduce the amount of sun that reaches the …499


Toward a Do-Nothing Gardening, pt. 4: Organic Weed Control (Lazy Gardening)

When this was a lawn, we had to work very hard to keep weeds under control. Now that it’s a vegetable garden, we do next to nothing. Today I talk about how we …301


Roseville Michigan HTGSUPPLY Grow Lights Hydroponics Grow Store Indoor Gardening Detroit

Roseville MI Hydroponics & Grow Lights: [removed] Growing in Michigan? Watch this Video: The best Hydroponics …333


Indoor Garden Grow -Week 2

Week 2. Here is an update on my indoor garden grow. This week I had a problem. All of my sprouts were stretching. They are growing long and thin. My T5 bulbs …275


The Sunroom at its Finest: An Indoor Garden in Bloom

Recorded on Mar 26, 2016 Many different orchids and other houseplants are approaching full bloom. Some others are past their peak, while a few are still in bud …343


Indoor gardening in Michigan during winter!

Yes you can have fresh picked produce in Winter in the northern hemisphere!! I love picking fresh greens for a salad as I need! If you are interested in your own …155


This IKEA indoor garden lets you grow your own food



DIY Indoor Self-Sufficient Aquaponic Garden For $10!!!

Using recycled items to put together a mini indoor aquaponics garden. It’s almost entirely self-sufficient. Check out the Squidoo lens for written instructions: …344


Healthy Living: Herb Gardening in South Florida

Ada Medina-Solorzano from the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension explains the benefits of herb gardening. Web links and a phone number are …1106


IKEA Hyllis Hack: DIY Indoor herb Garden

Today we’re showing you how to make an easy industrial wall planter by hacking the inexpensive IKEA Hyllis metal shelf and adding some wood shelves and …149

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