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Tag archives for Basics

Container Gardening Basics

Potting up a container is a breeze when you have these tips and tricks up your sleeve.116


Gardening Basics: What is Growmore?

[removed] What is growmore and how to use it. This video is presented for information purposes only and does not necessarily mean an …47


Homesteading and Gardening Basics: Working With Your Homestead Farm Dog

[removed] We all love our farm dogs and they work hard for us protecting the gardens and the homestead. Here is a simple diy tip to keep them …108


Gardening Basics: How to pick out the perfect 'filler' plant

Gardening writer and designer Marjorie Harris shows you how to add spring fillers to your garden.128


Gardening Basics with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart gets lots of questions surrounding gardening. In this video, she answers some of the more common questions she receives and goes over some …92


Keyhole Gardening Basics: Easy, Affordable, Sustainable… and it Works!

[removed] –Read more below!– Don’t miss a thing! Sign up for our newsletter: [removed] Join our Facebook group, …674


How to Teach Basics of Gardening to Kids

Funny looking grass haired monters are due for a haircut. Planting grass in plastic glasses …121


Gardening Basics: Three Ways To Harvest Lettuce

In this video I will show you three ways to harvest lettuce. You can harvest the entire head, harvest the oldest leaves, or harvest using the cut and come again …140


Gardening Basics : How to Start a Strawberry Garden

You can start a strawberry garden from seed, rooted cuttings, six packs or individual plants as longs as have loose, fertile soil. and plenty of sunshine. Learn the …154


Homesteading and Gardening Basics: Why Shave Your Dogs

[removed] Homesteading Basics: Should You Shave Your Long-Haired Dogs? Here is that video I promised you! I’ve had my two livestock …175

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