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Montessori Practical Life Lesson – Flower Watering

Montessori Practical Life Lesson – Flower Watering This tutorial is designed for parent/educator and child (ages 3-6). This video is property of My Works …201


Cultivating Patience – Lesson From My Garden No. 2.

[removed] EFT tapping for impatience [removed]189


Must Use Tools In The Hydroponic Garden – Lesson 23

[removed] Some indispensable tools that I find clients neglect to use in their gardens are a min/max temperature and humidity …113


Measuring Temperatures In Garden – Lesson 14

How do we control and monitor our temperatures? Temperature is one of the most important factors in achieving maximum yield in a grow room. A crucial tool in …330


Perlite Medium – A Garden Sage Lesson

[removed] So today we’re checking out one of my favorite mediums. It’s called perlite. It is a volcanic rock that is heated …233


Lesson for composting of coir pith

E-learning Tutorials for making Coir Products.906


Learn English via Listening English Level 1 – Lesson 3 – My Flower Garden.

Learn English via Listening English Level 1. Lesson 3: My Flower Garden. My name is Anne. I love flowers. I have a flower garden. My garden is in front of my …61


(Lesson 4) How Gardening Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure



English Lesson Garden Tools Vocabulary

In this video you will learn vocabulary of some garden tools which I use in my stevia plantation. En este video aprenderas vocabulario de herramientas de …310


Kezia's First Gardening Lesson from Kirsten

Kezia did a hands-on potting, planting using her shovel and hands, watered the plants and learnt how to weed. The video was taken when she was 2.5 yrs old.225