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Building Swales to Keep Water in the Garden

I must have been thinking about yogurt when I called the town of Keeler, Keefer. [removed] I also failed to include the chart of …863


Gardening & Plant Care : Making a Whiskey Barrel Water Garden

Making a whiskey barrel water garden requires cutting the barrel in half, lining the barrel with thick plastic, putting a water pump and planting water plants …124


ABC Gardening Aust – Blue Lotus Water Garden 2006

ABC Gardening Aust – Blue Lotus Water Garden 2006 Geoff Cochrane founder of Australia’s largest water garden is interviewed by as he shows the crew around …502


How Much Is 1 Inch of Water When Watering The Gardening

Everyone always says that 1 inch of water per week is the right amount of water that a garden should be getting. But how do you know what 1 inch of water looks …338


Best In-Line Water Hose Filter for your Organic Garden

John from [removed] will show how easily you can install an in-line water filter that allows you to remove chlorine and other …598


Planting a Hardy Waterlily properly. Planting Pond Plants, Water Gardening Help

Planting a hardy Waterlily properly, [removed] . Let us take a look at a hardy water lily and the best options for a terrific performing plant.443


Container Water Garden

Gardening Club Editor in Chief Kathy Childers goes to Minneapolis to find master gardener Meleah Maynard and learn how to make a water garden.343


Gardening Tips: Best Plants for a Water Garden

Watch more gardening tips videos [removed] Watch as Better …66


Water Gardening 101

[removed] – Take a trip through the world of water gardening and explore the watery fantasy for yourself. Experience the pondering lifestyle …639