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Tag archives for Water

Diane Mumm's Water Garden Pond

[removed] This video is on water gardening ponds , water gardens make a nice addition to anyones landscape Make sure you grab your …237


Aquajoy – Water Garden Specialists Since 1987

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Repurposing Milk Jugs as Olla's – Water Irrigation in the Garden

Make a "poor man’s" olla! This should help water my veggies this summer. I especially want to put them next to my melons and cucumbers so they can get the …328


The Garden Gurus – Selecting the right water plant for your pond

Calinda demonstrates how selecting the right water plant and correctly positioning a plant will suit your pond.216


Creating a simple water garden

[removed] Watch as Jeremy shows you how to complete a large container water garden in no time at all!310


Water Gardening with Gail: Algae Bloom

Learn about how to grow pond plants such as waterlily and water lotus, and other aquatic plants for your pond. Topic for this week will be algae control.506


Gardeners' World Pocket Guide Water Garden Plants

Planters’ World is a long-running BBC Television program about cultivating, first communicate in 1968 and as yet running starting 2016. Its first scene was …1668


Pond Megastore Waterlilies and Lotus, water garden plants

[removed] HD video of the waterlilies vs water lotus. Big differences and how they grow. Waterlilies from a few inches to a few feet deep …228


Aquascape Water Gardening Store and Inspiration Center

Take a tour of the beautiful new water feature displays at the Aquascape Water Gardening Store and Inspiration Center. Stop in for a visit at 901 Aqualand Way …413


Watering Your Home Garden with Fresh Ocean Water!

We know one cubic foot of Earth’s soil contains more life than all the vertebrae animals on the North American Continent combined – and by periodically adding …227