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Lotus, Water Garden Lotuses, Pond Lotus, Garden, Nelumbo

[removed] Lotus shown growing in containers and water gardens. Lotuses are easy to grow and can begin blooming about 6 weeks after …175


How to Make a Drip Water Irrigation System for a Container Garden

Update: Watch the results video here: [removed] This video doesn’t actually show much of the making process itself. Basically we …63


Grow Indoor Plants in Water for Years

No messy soil, no green thumb necessary! Indoor plants that grow in water. See collection I’ve grown for years in H2O without any problems. There’s less …97


What's Inside a Garden Hose Water Timer Unit

Full teardown and analysis of the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics of a garden hose water timer device.1360


How much and When to Water the Plants in your Vegetable Garden

John from [removed] answers the question how much to water your plants in your garden.643


Water Garden Pond Installation Renovation Project from Hillsborough, NJ

Enjoy this water garden pond renovation installation project from Hillsborough, New Jersey performed by the Full Service Aquatics team of Summit, NJ.404


Indoor Water Garden

MR. KATE: I have all these beautiful things laying in front of me because I am going to do an indoor water garden. Here’s how you do it! You need aquarium …148


Water Lilies vs Lotus Water Garden Plants, Nymphaea vs Nelumbo

[removed] Water Lilies and water lotus are two different plants. Nymphaea (water lilies) and Nelumbo (lotus). Planting and growing in your …228


Koi Pond | Water Garden Design

Inspirational Koi pond design with lots of bamboo. This beautiful Water Garden impresses with its mature designed landscape and large Koi fish.308


Why You Don't Need a Filter to Water Your Garden

John from [removed] shares with you a viewers comments on why you don’t need a filter to water your garden. In this episode, John …1326